Sponsored Job Network

Sponsored Migration Services

Recruiter support and candidate migration and visa application support services.
Employer Introductions

We present you to suitable potential sponsor employers. We know where they are and how best to present you to them. Very many sponsored jobs are provided to candidates through point to point introductions. Our recruitment specialists are highly experienced in this.

Proactive EOI Management

Eligibility and nomination criteria in Australia’s SkillSelect system are constantly changing. We monitor changes at federal, state and territory government levels to position your EOI in the best place to maximize your chance of being invited to apply for a skilled visa (subclases 489/189/190).

Access to sound migration advice

Our team includes registered Australian migration professionals with extensive knowledge of skilled (subclass 189/190) and sponsored (457/186/187) visas. Together with recruitment team members your resume, experience and suitability will be assessed.

Let us do both!

Do you wish to be introduced to potential sponsoring employers AND have your EOI managed by our team of recruitment and migration professionals? Simply join our network and request both.

Your once only membership fee entitles you to ongoing representation by our team of Australian recruitment and migration professionals!

Our Team

Our team leaders have extensive knowledge and experience in recruitment, HR and migration. Here are some of our advisory people
Herman Totsvig
Team Leader, Recruitment & Global Mobility
Herman is an independent consultant and specialist in global recruitment and mobility. He heads the team of recruiting specialists and maintains an extensive network or recruitment firms, HR personnel and headhunters.
Paul Sadler
Migration Advisory
Paul heads the team of independent consultants on Australian migration laws and regulations. Paul is a registered Australian migration agent and has extensive knowledge and experience with skilled, work and business and investment visas.

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